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Successful selling of a house involves flexing the financial muscle in terms of repairs, and painting the walls among other things. And while using a realtor might seem like the only viable way to dispose off your home, selling it yourself will save you a few dollars that you would have otherwise paid the real estate agent. And if we could just do some small calculation to see how much you will have to part with if you were to have the realtor sell your house.

The average agent commission has been determined to be 6%, of the overall sale price, for example if you gave out your home for $400,000 then the real estate agent will get a commission of $24,000. In essence therefore is that you would probably make less than what you had initially projected.

How to use canvas to increase home value

In the 21st century the easiest way of increasing the value of your home if you are to put it up for a sale, would be to incorporate the latest technology. You would also need to add beauty and this is where the canvas prints come in.

Incorporating 3D canvas prints on the wall

While this may seem like going overboard it actually isn’t and incorporating 3D canvas prints on the walls of your living room will definitely upgrade the overall look, something that not everyone is used to. Most traditional homes only feature a small wall art, so if you go full wall then you will be reducing their cost of décor in the respective rooms, they will therefore, only have to incorporate furniture appropriately.

The life like canvas prints are expensive meaning that the cost of the home will definitely go up, but if you can achieve the best aesthetics then the new potential homeowners shouldn’t have a problem paying up.

Canvas prints on the ceiling  

Canvas prints for the ceiling come in many types and some might even scare away clients. You will therefore, find canvas prints that look like a damaged ceiling and others that are characteristic of beautiful prints and flowers. The idea of creating beautiful images on the ceiling began in Italy, a good example being the Sistine Chapel.

Meaning that home owners from different parts of the world can entice their clients with unique canvas print ceilings from the renaissance, and mind you they don’t have to be for the whole house. The hall way will therefore, be a good place to use the canvas print ceiling or the dining areas.

Use high quality photos to advertize your home

Apart from letting you clients feel at home during the planed show day, you should also be active in marketing through the various social media platforms given that this has been determined to be the best way to get information far and wide. So as you put up photos of your home to attract potential clients ensure to capture some of its beauty with it.

Take photos of your best rooms, for example the living room with the full 3D canvas prints, the ceiling and other areas that you have incorporated the best décor. You will probably get more visits and views if you use images with the best décor for the advertisements.