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If you are looking to list your property, you need to be thorough in your inspection, research and marketing to make sure you can move it quickly. Many homeowners have trouble selling off their listed property because of a number of common and avoidable mistakes. How can you make sure to sell off your property quickly? Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid.

Overpricing your listing

Overpricing your listing will be tempting, with the potential increase in gains offering great value for sellers. The only problem is that buyers will already know the market prices, and may make efforts to avoid listings that are well above their expectations. Your home will likely stay listed longer if it is not priced appropriately, which could end up costing you and affecting your finances in the long term. If you are unsure what value you should list at, you need to look into market rates or consider carrying out a valuation.

Being present at the showing

If you are present at your listing’s showing, you could affect the buyer’s willingness to consider it. Buyers will want to imagine themselves in their home, which may not work out as expected if the seller is present. While it is very important to respond to your potential buyers very quickly and professionally, letting them view the listing without any interference will be crucial for a successful sale.

Failing to keep up curb appeal

Your home’s first impression will play into the buyer’s final decision. This is why curb appeal is so crucial when moving your listing. You should make sure that any smells, odours and stains are cleared out. You also need to carry out any repairs, no matter how minor. For the final touch, you may need to touch up the property and consider doing the yard work as well.

Curb appeal is not the only aspect of appearance that you should consider. You could look into a seller’s inspection to help you assess the extent of repairs needed all around the property. A well-maintained listing will be much easier to move than a run-down unit.

Using outdated marketing techniques

If you do not have high quality videos and photographs, you will struggle to attract buyers to your listing. Real estate marketing has incorporated a technical edge, which allows buyers a wealth of information about their desired listings. You need to market your listing on the internet as well as use high end equipment or professional services for high quality marketing content.  You could even consider innovative strategies such as offering virtual tours.

Being unwilling to negotiate

When it comes to real estate, buyers will tend to spend a lot of money. As a result, they will often look to negotiate and find better deals. Sellers who are unwilling to negotiate will likely lose more potential buyers. You should always enter into a negotiation with your buyers as a show of your commitment, even when you do not plan to offer significant discounts.